PET HOTEL “Rekša Māja”

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„Rekša Māja”  is a  very special family-operated pet boarding kennel.  It has been in existence since 2005.   Over the years we have learned to handle a large diversity of pets and to deal with many unusual situations or conditions  guaranteeing  you and your pet the best conditons possible.   We know how to help your pet enjoy life while being away from home.

We promise to cater to your wishes and your pet’s needs.  Your pet will be treated as a family member and receive tender-loving care.

Your pet will enjoy outdoor walks several times a day, as well as  meals of it`s favorite food.  Comfort, safety and hygiene are our top priorities, ensuring the well-being of all of our  ”guests”.

A veterinarian works full time and monitors the animals’  health  daily.  Our veterinarian can provide special care, such as giving medicines or  addressing any medical issues.  We all are trained to recognize and understand health issues and a can give immediate medical attention if such would be needed.    We can also provide basic grooming, such as ear-cleaning,  nail trims,  baths or more.  Please ask.

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Each dog has it`s own  indoor  and outdoor kennel adjacent to but not in direct contact with other dogs.  The kennels are heated and provide warmth on even the coldest winter days.

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Each cat has it`s own indoor kennel with a seperate window.   Cat units are  furnished and decorated according to the cat`s personality and temperment –  comfortable bedding for gentle and lazy pets, and playgrounds for the active ones.

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