DCIM web-76

For reservation please call:

+371 29 255 963

+371 29 269 614 (ENG)

Arrival and departure hours are usually from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., but other times may be arranged for the customer’s convience.

Also we provide pet tranportation if needed, picking them up  and returning them to your home when you have arrived.


Dogs – 25.00*EUR per day ;

Cats – 15.00* EUR per day;

Other pets – price by agreement.

* – Food is not included in the price.

* – Both arrival and departure days are counted seperately.

Required documentation and other necessary things:

  • Valid vaccination certificate;
  • Proof of  de-worming and use of flea control;
  • Pet`s food, maintenance and treats;
  • A collar (for dogs);
  • Pet`s favorite toy, blanket, bedding, etc. – optional.

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